Roaring Brook Log Homes design and build luxury log homes in the Pocono Mountains

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What legacy will you pass on to the next generation?

Roaring Brook Log Homes

Full of nostalgia and comfort, your long-time dream is about to become reality

Beautiful log structures with a self reliant flair. Integrating the latest in technology with innovation, we provide an entry into rural America without compromising your connected world. Log cabin designs matched with renewable energy assures you selectable energy independence regardless of events.

Secure your loved ones with safe havens for today and the foreseeable future.

Surround Yourself in Serenity

The Summit Woods lifestyle is perfect for those who like options. Whether it’s the Poconos and all of the outdoor activities you can think of for your family to enjoy or the Scranton Area and all of the attractions of a small city, Your private large acreage property at Summit Woods allows endless possibilities.  See for yourself why Business Week, Forbes Magazine, and Money Magazine ranked the Scranton area in their lists of fastest growing real estate markets, fastest recovering cities, best places to start over, and best places to raise kids.

Roaring Brook Log Homes
Roaring Brook Connects Reservoirs of the Chesapeake Bay Water Shed

Summit Woods is an 845 acre tract of land located in the Northwest Poconos and 15 minutes from the City of Scranton. We’ve secured 6 wooded properties from 2 to 9 acres with an average size property of around 4 acres. 250 acres of open space/conservation land has been set aside for property owners to enjoy that surrounds the property.  The ideal location of Summit Woods gives people unlimited activities to choose from.  The Pocono region offers 4 seasons of fun from golf to skiing, boating, hunting, fishing, and hiking.  If lady luck and great entertainment is what interests you, we’re 25 minutes from 2 casinos.  The Scranton area offers great restaurants, shopping, cultural events, baseball at PNC field home of the AAA Yankees, and much more

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Experience True Four Season Living Every Day
Log are Renewables – Just Like the Sun and the Wind

The development is located on a mountain plateau which the locals call King Joe Mountain. King Joe was a world renowned Olympic weight lifter who owned a local chain of convenient stores. He had cross country ski trails made throughout the property and in the winter would give out cross country skis to people at no charge so they could enjoy a day on the mountain. The gently rolling nature of the property that made it perfect for cross country skiing also makes for very nice home sites. The fact that it’s a mountain plateau makes for some very nice views for the properties.

The combination of Roaring Brook Log Homes and Summit Woods creates the perfect family venue!

The warmth and beauty of log homes sparkle during the holidays

Our designs scale from vacation cabins to fortified estates. Combining the beauty and strength of traditional log homes with the use of residential automation, and energy independent techniques to provide a secure environment.

Roaring Brook Log Homes offers timeless rustic resorts that you and your entire family will enjoy for generations to come.