Aug 22 – The garage walls go up!

Framing continues with a lumber delivery yesterday.  The 24×36 garage will have two garage doors with a separate bedroom suite in the rear.  Access to the 650 sq ft bonus room above the garage is from a separate staircase off the bedroom suite.  Sliding glass doors from within the bedroom will open privately onto the  deck.  Thanks Larry!


Aug 14 – Roof Rafters

The crackerjack team spent the entire day lifting and securing into place the main support structure for the roof.  They did it the old fashioned way with leverage , knowhow, and muscle.  Great job Men!

The main support beam is a combination of 4 ea 2 inch x 24 inch plywood laminated together to form the structure


Held into place with a toe board, the glue lams support the main beam and will become part of the connecting roof ridge


The main cabin rafters are complete, sheathing is going up through the rest of this week

Aug 11 – Twilight is Upon Us

As this evening closes, Pete , Nate , and Larry rest themselves proud of their achievement today.  Roof framing is started and now you can see the outline of the main cabin taking shape.


Significant enhancement was applied to this photo since this shot was taken around 8:30 PM EST




Aug 5 – Logs going up!

Looks like a few rows of logs went up today thanks to Larry and Pete!  The logs are beautiful !  They are milled by Beaver Mountain in NY. North Eastern White Pine with an 8 inch high and 10 inch wide profile.  Thermal mass in Log homes exceed R value insulation for retaining heat making them one of the best passive solar design material you can use!

Not only are they beautiful but Logs are renewable too!
Beaver Mountain engineered corners are one of the best in the industry.


Aug 3 – SubFloor Buttoned Up

The Advantech sheathing is installed onto the subfloor joists as well as temp power panel  ready for inspection.

Been running with a Yamaha inverter generator for a while. Time for some real power….



The sub floor completion gets us closer to stacking logs!

Aug 3 – Drainage Tile Installed

Moisture prevention for the foundation is an all important step to ensure a trouble free foundation. Pete laid out the perforated  drain tile and then cover it with gravel to filter the ground water and divert it away from the foundation.

4 inch perforated drain tile diverts ground water from the foundation


Gravel to filter the soil allows water through to the drain tile


Moisture wrap is then installed on the Fox Blocks and then the foundation ready for backfill